Rhodium Network

Rhodium is a curated community of giving, knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

We build or buy digital businesses, and support each other in making them more profitable, fun to own, and exit-worthy.

Update: We’ve changed our name from Rhodium Weekend to Rhodium Network.

Being an entrepreneur, especially an online one, can be isolating.

While we have great offline friends and family, they often don’t relate or “speak the same language” of online business.

So we created the Rhodium Summit event and our private Rhodium online community so online business owners and investors can have a peer-group to share the crazy journey of entrepreneurship with.

We started as an event for people who buy and sell websites, but we became so much more.

In the community, we share experiences, network and do deals together.

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Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you.

Who Is Rhodium Network For?

First and foremost, Rhodium Network is for good humans. Entrepreneurs who align with our values.

Additionally, we are best for owner operators (and potential buyers) of online businesses with annual discretionary earnings (profits) in the 6-to-8 figure range.

Member business models range from:

  • Content publishing
  • eCommerce
  • SaaS
  • Digitally focused services

We’re a group of successful, established digital entrepreneurs who are eager to learn, to share, and to connect with like-minded people.

Owners of the following notable brands have been a part of Rhodium.

Media Brands

eCom Brands

SaaS Brands

Services Brands

Join the Network

Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you.

It’s not just an event, it’s a community.

We spend three days each year meeting and greeting at our Las Vegas event, then the rest of the year supporting each other through our private online community. Part of what makes Rhodium so special is the masterminds, a vibrant Facebook group, and occasional in-person meet ups through the year.

It turns out, the value of an online community dramatically increases when the members have also met offline. It truly is the best of both the offline and online worlds.

Leverage other people’s experience.

We believe there’s just two ways to learn. You can learn by making all the mistakes yourself or find someone who’s already done it and learn from them.

In the online community, you’ll have the experience of peers and mentors who have “done it” just a post away.

  • Find out what’s working now in building, buying, monetizing, scaling and selling online businesses.
  • Learn the latest trends, strategies, and tactics from industry experts and in-the-trenches entrepreneurs.
  • Solve problems and brainstorm ideas to scale your online business you might never have thought of on your own.

Over $100,000,000 in deals…not a bad byproduct.

We measure our success by the quality of long-term connections built through the community, but deals are a nice byproduct. In our first several years after launching we tracked online businesses which were either bought, sold, partnered in or received funding as a result of Rhodium Network but we lost track once it hit the $100,000,000 mark. That’s $100,000,000+ in deals from simply getting the right people in the right room and engineering the right environment.

Don’t miss out on being in the room either online or at our event.

Join the Network

Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you.

Our Community Values

The 4 values which build the foundation for an exceptional community experience.


Lead with value. We proactively give to other members without strings attached

Speak From Experience

We share what we’ve actually done not theories of what someone should do.


We keep private information private and work in a spirit of collaboration not competition.

Constant Improvement

We continually adapt and experiment so we can share what’s working and what’s not.

Join the Network

Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you.