This is episode 46. Today we are joined by Matthew Yahes, who recently acquired a 7 figure ecommerce portfolio in the gift baskets and wedding favors niches.

Since we last spoke with Matthew, he’s been very busy.  He’s making some big shifts in his business, which you’ll hear about today…but his biggest effort right now is growing his revenue using “cart recovery.”

If you don’t know what that is, or want to learn more, you’re in luck because we’re also joined today by John Peden from  He’s not only an expert in improving sales by targeting cart abandonment issues – he’s the expert that Matthew has relied on to address his cart abandonment issues.

Now 8% of Matthew’s monthly revenue comes directly from purchases that would have otherwise been lost.


In today’s interview with Matthew and John, we’ll also cover:

  • The number 1 most likely reason your customers put an item in their cart and never buy it
  • How to figure out the real reasons people are selecting items to buy…and then never buying them
  • When to focus on cart abandonment and when other issues should be your priority
  • The most effective messaging for reaching out to abandoned cart customers depends on this one key factor

Make sure to stick around through the whole episode for all this and more.

Listen Now:

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