This is episode 42. Today we are joined by Rob Walling, a serial web entrepreneur who has been building, acquiring and revamping digital properties since 2005.  He most recently started and sold his marketing automation software as a service company called Drip.

This’s podcast is a recorded presentation by Rob and gives you a look inside the kind of talks that happen at my yearly event, Rhodium Weekend.  Last year, Rob graciously flew in to Vegas to share his story of buying a SaaS app called HitTail and how he went from $1500 to $18,000 in monthly recurring revenue in just 15 months.

Yes, he actually more than 10xed the revenue.


  • Why Rob bought an app he could have easily and more cheaply built himself
  • What made him abandon his hardcore marketing push after just 60 days
  • How he identified the biggest leaks in his funnel and fixed them
  • And the 3 game-changing opportunities that promoted the massive growth in HitTail’s revenue


Make sure to stick around through the whole episode for all this and Rob’s incredible storytelling.

Plus, in just a few weeks, Rob is going to be joining us on the podcast again – in today’s episode, you’ll actually hear the genesis of Rob’s SaaS company Drip, and when he comes on again in a few weeks, you’ll learn about the resolution of that story.

Spoiler: Drip was just acquired by a company called Leadpages, and we’ll ask Rob all about it.

Listen Now: