Welcome to episode 14 of the Rhodium Podcast with Mark Daoust of Quiet Light Brokerage. Mark’s company advises entrepreneurs on buying and selling premium websites and online businesses. His company has brokered and sold over $70M in online businesses with approximately $20M happening this year alone. Mark has a ton of experience in this space and is going to be sharing even more of his knowledge at Rhodium Weekend this year.

In this episode:

  • How Mark got his first commission 10 minutes from being completely broke. No savings. No retirement. No life insurance. No house. Nothing.
  • Waiting to sell your online business can be the best decision to increase its valuation and got Mark 5 times the value.
  • What’s different in deals in the 7 figure range.
  • Why selling a business can leave you with a lot less money than you might have thought.

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