This is episode 52.

We’ve been following Kelly’s story all year and today we check back in with her for the last time.

After beginning this year frustrated and tired of running her luxury spa robe ecommerce site and watching its sales decline, Kelly was ready to get it off her plate.  But she knew she had a lot of work to put in first.

In this episode, we’ll find out if all that work paid off and how she feels about her progress this year – including how sales are going during her busiest time of year.


We’ll also cover:

  • Where Kelly stands now on selling her business
  • Why her sales declined the first half of the year, even though her site ranking stayed the same
  • Insights from redesigning her entire product line including…
  • Kelly’s tricks to setup a professional photoshoot on a shoestring budget
  • And what advice she would give herself through some of the toughest times in her business.


Having spoken with Kelly throughout 2016, I was really struck by her ability to leverage key skills like photography, website design, and SEO into a scalable, automated business rather than just getting stuck as a freelancer.

Kelly told me during this interview about a big business decision she’s going to make come January 1st, so make sure to stick around through the whole episode for this exciting news and more.

Listen Now:

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