This is episode 47.

Today we are joined by Mark Daoust, founder of Quiet Light Brokerage, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs get the highest value from the sale of their online businesses.

Today’s podcast is a recorded presentation by Mark from last year’s Rhodium Weekend – he explains the early mistakes he made in buying and selling websites and how exactly to avoid those same pitfalls.

This is actually two talks in one, and I’m excited to bring it to you today as one epic podcast episode. The first part is focused on exit strategy planning – and after that, Mark goes straight into how to make the sale happen.


  • The one thing Mark did to increase the value of his business 450% in One Year – from a 30K valuation to a $165K sale
  • Plus what that site’s buyer did to re-sell for an additional $200K without increasing revenue
  • You’ll also learn The 4 Pillars of an Investor-Focused Exit Strategy
  • The 5 Biggest Sources of Risk in Your Business
  • And the most important service that brokers provide (Hint: it’s not a Buyer List)

Plus Mark lays out how you can cut out the broker entirely by using his exact selling playbook.

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Next Steps

If today’s in-depth look at navigating the acquisition process is really exciting for you, I’d venture to guess that you’re an online business owner looking to increase the value of your business – or maybe you’re looking to make a purchase of an online business – or perhaps you’re just looking to make your business more scalable, even if you don’t plan on selling.  

Listen, there’s a lot to learn, and today’s episode is a great starting point and maybe even an intermediate step…but if you’re hungry for this kind of knowledge, you’re going to want to go even deeper.

That’s why, every year, I host the Rhodium Weekend event –  where you can learn, network and do deals with experienced buyers and sellers of online businesses.

Everyone comes to learn and share with one common goal – to create and enjoy incredible freedom.

If you can picture yourself with this like-minded group of entrepreneurs, now is the time to apply before ticket sales close on September 23rd. I keep the number of seats limited to make sure every attendee gets incredible value and attention. To find out if you qualify to attend:

To Learn More, Click Here

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