This is episode 55.

Robert and his brother Alex set a goal this year to make Clarity Wave a company that can stand on its own financially – bringing in at least enough to cover development and marketing efforts.  I can tell you right now that they more than doubled their revenue this year, but the question is…was that enough?


In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Robert’s experience hiring marketing partners, industry partners, and full on buy-in partners
  • The harsh reality of making enterprise software sales
  • How to deal with seasonal buying slow-downs
  • Plus how they hope to determine the company’s valuation and what they’ll do with that number

This might be the most complete behind the scenes picture you’ll see for the first year of a software company – Robert’s experiences are crucial for any business owner, but if SaaS in particular is in your future, make sure you stay to the end and take notes.

Listen Now:

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