This is episode 36. Robert has been hard at work turning his workplace client management software company, Clarity Wave, from a group of new concepts into a functioning, money earning company. Sales and marketing for the company’s Epic Pro and Epic Light services have been launched and clients are beginning to show interest in the groundbreaking features that it offers. Meanwhile Robert is trying to balance new clients and new business pursuits with the demands of marketing the business and keeping it moving forward. He tells us how he’s doing, what he’s learning and what you can learn from his experiences.


  • Hiring a marketing expert on a performance basis.
  • How to track the sources of your leads and sales in Google Analytics.
  • Streamlining the new customer on-boarding process.
  • How to drive traffic from Linkedin without writing any content.

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More About This Episode

Evolving a Sales Strategy

Robert has a great software and a great service to offer in general. He knows it and his clients know it, now he just needs to let enough of those all important potential clients know it to really get the ball rolling. Robert brings us up to date with his work with an external sales company, his innovative marketing techniques and a perfect little gem of a pitch that we all wish for more of. 

Usability and saleability in a client friendly system

You can test and trial a piece of software as much as you want, but some issues only come to show in the trial by fire. Robert reveals the strengths of his system along with a few of the weaknesses he had to resolve, including overloading new clients with too much data input and scaring them with employee prize systems too soon. Learn how Robert solved these problems and figure out how to avoid them yourself.

 The ins and outs of outsourcing

Outsourcing; it can be a dream or a nightmare, the making or breaking of your company. Robert is just beginning to expect returns from his outsourced sales and is meanwhile looking to outsource another big company operation; marketing. He tells us how he makes the decisions that need to be made as he moves forward.

 Turning content into a marketing asset

Robert knows the importance of good content in establishing a company as an expert in a field. Get some general tips on creating and distributing content as well as some specific pointers on tactics and services to use.