This is episode 39. Scott shares his decade-long journey from working in his business, to working on his business, to finally becoming a passive investor and living the dream of the 40 hour work YEAR.


  • The genesis of Scott’s focus filter (Enjoy Life. Make Money. Do Deals.) and how to create your own
  • Why you need to get your business ready to sell…even if you never want to sell it
  • If you don’t have this one aspect locked in, your business will never work…even with all the passion and focus in the world
  • Scott took a 60% pay cut to never have to work again – how much are you willing to give up?
  • One tactic, used just once every 6 months, that leads to exponential growth in your business
  • BEWARE the Golden Child Syndrome – the method that many business owners rely on that could result in the sudden and dramatic end to your business
  • How to make sure your team keeps their momentum (as a business owner, you can very easily screw this up)
  • How one client used Scott’s outsourcing tool – and nothing else – to transition completely out of his business in 2 years
  • The 3 Simple People Principles that let you fire amicably and keep the right people in your business
  • Scott’s sales math equation that lets him estimate revenue with incredible accuracy despite overly-optimistic sales teams

This episode is packed with the insights Scott uses to decide which businesses he invests in…you won’t want to miss it.

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