Episode 021 with Jon Yau, Founder of StockPhoto.com. Stockphoto.com is an online image marketplace where photographers sell stock photos to buyers for a one-time fee. It owes its existence to Jon’s knee-jerk reaction to his mid-life crisis. Worried that he had pissed away the best years of his professional life and never got around to doing that web startup thing he penciled in his Bucket List, he spent $250,000 on a domain, quit his job and now runs Stockphoto.com full time.

In this episode:

  • The full story on how Jon’s mid-life crisis lead him to spending a quarter million dollars on a domain name.
  • What happens when you pre-pay for marketing by buying an awesome domain. Hint…10,000 email subscribers in the first few months with only a single placeholder opt-in page.
  • How to find, bring on, and structure compensation with co-founders when you’ve already got assets in a business.

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