Matthew Paulson is an entrepreneur, angel investor and author of the book 40 Rules for Internet Business Success. He has been building businesses since 2006 and is currently running three companies, including an investment news service with more than 200,000 subscribers, a digital publishing company in the golf industry and a software fundraising platform for animal welfare groups that’s raised over $1 million for animal shelters.

In this episode:

  • Matthew’s journey from in-debt college student to 200k+ email subscribers
  • How Matthew got a 70% increase in conversions by split testing his email offer
  • How to monetize and launch new products to your email list
  • What’s a good/bad/average open rate on emails
  • What it takes to get over 5 million emails per month delivered

Free Bonus

  • Matthew has generously donated a free digital copy of his book 40 Rules for Internet Business Success for every member of the Rhodium Community.

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