This is episode 44.

Today we are joined by Rob Walling, a serial web entrepreneur who has been building, acquiring and revamping digital properties since 2005.  

We had Rob on back in episode 42 to talk about his incredible turnaround with the SaaS company Hit Tail. During that presentation, Rob talked about the genesis of his latest company called Drip, which focuses on marketing automation.

In today’s episode, Rob is still fresh from the year-long acquisition process with Leadpages.  

We’ll go deep into the day-to-day aspects of the acquisition hearing more about the effects it’s had in his life and work.


  • What was going through Rob’s head when the email came in from Leadpages founder Clay Collins asking him if he’d like to sell his company.
  • The biggest deal breakers that caused him not to pursue other acquisition offers.
  • Which advisors you definitely need during an acquisition, and the right times to bring each of them into the process.
  • And to top it all off, Rob’s daily tactics to manage the stress of an intense year long process.

Listen Now:

Next Steps

If today’s in-depth look at navigating the acquisition process is really exciting for you, I’d venture to guess that you’re an online business owner looking to increase the value of your business – or maybe you’re looking to make a purchase of an online business – or perhaps you’re just looking to make your business more scalable, even if you don’t plan on selling.  

Listen, there’s a lot to learn, and today’s episode is a great starting point and maybe even an intermediate step…but if you’re hungry for this kind of knowledge, you’re going to want to go even deeper.

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