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Rhodium Weekend 2021

September 23-26th, 2021 at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Rhodium Weekend was started as a three-day workshop on building, buying, growing and selling online businesses. It has since grown to be so much more, covering all aspects of life as a digital entrepreneur.

You’ll experience an intimate gathering of 125 world-class entrepreneurs with online businesses valued at 6-to-9 figures. All attendees are curated through an application process to ensure the community is filled with smart, driven members who are willing to pay-it-forward with their own expertise.

The result is a 3-day event filled with keynotes, panels, lively discussions over meals, impromptu round-tables to share ideas, and maybe some late-night discussions guaranteed to fix everything.

Since everyone here is an online business owner, every conversation is meaningful.

The sessions are short but powerful, and you’ll regularly see small groups form during the breaks to go deeper on ideas discussed from the stage. There’s so much learning and sharing of knowledge at this event. It’s become the only event of the year I never miss.

Jason Glaspey

Founder, Mostly Proud Parents

Rhodium Is Powered by Community

It can be difficult and lonely running online businesses. Which is why our community and events are focused on bringing people together and enabling them to share their in-the-trenches expertise.

Watch the video to hear what our community says about Rhodium Weekend.

Over $100,000,000 in deals…

Each year, the connections and relationships formed over Rhodium Weekend go on to make big changes in the lives and businesses of everyone who comes. In our first several years of hosting this event, we tracked online businesses which were either bought, sold, partnered in, or received funding as a result of Rhodium Weekend.

However, we lost track once it hit the $100,000,000 mark. That’s $100,000,000+ in deals from simply getting the right people in the right room and engineering the right environment.

Don’t miss out on being in the room this year.

Will You Be Joining Us?

You’re invited to join us for 3+ days of learning and networking with Entrepreneurs who own 6- to 9-figure businesses, and for buyers, sellers, and investors of those businesses.

The Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas is a non-smoking, non-gaming Five-Star luxury hotel on the strip.

Note: If you’re looking for the casino experience, don’t worry, the Aria Casino is easily accessible within a 5 minute walk.

We negotiated an unbelievable rate of $249++ (no resort fee!) per night for the first 50 people to book in our room block.

Rhodium Only Happens Once a Year

You’re invited to join us for 3+ days of learning and networking with Entrepreneurs who own 6- to 9-figure businesses, and for buyers, sellers, and investors of those businesses.

Where The Attendees Are The Speakers

Any of the people you sit next to at Rhodium are speaker caliber and all attendees have the opportunity to speak. Here’s a sampling of some of the brands whose owners have been a part of Rhodium events.

Topics From Past Rhodium Events

Curious what type of content is shared? Here are a few sessions, keynotes, and roundtables from previous events. 

Lessons and Horror Stories in Due Diligence

Partnering with Private Equity

Customer Demand Generation: techniques that are working right now

Pricing Strategies on Recurring Subscriptions

Bootstrapping to 30M Users

How to Buy Multiple 6- & 7-digit Deals without a Huge Bankroll

Actionable Content Levers for Growing 7-digit Content Sites

How to Use Customer & Messaging Segmentation to Grow Sales

Content Planning for SEO Growth

10 Quick Wins that Doubled My Online Business

Deal Tips from an E-commerce Lawyer

How to Automate as Much as Possible

The Agenda

The agenda below is a high-level overview showing how we create the perfect mix of presentations, facilitated peer-to-peer learning, unstructured networking time and unforgettable meals and experiences.

On-stage Presentations

We keep our on-stage presentations to short, actionable talks by people speaking directly from experience. These are not canned talks given by people living on the conference circuit, but instead deep dives by highly successful business owners talking about their primary area of expertise. They showcase their techniques, strategies, and tips so you can learn from their experience.

Round-table Discussions

Small-group discussions ranging in topic from tax law to mistakes made after having your business acquired. We allow our attendees to submit topics and attendees vote on them. This makes for dynamic, group-led sessions where conversations can follow the questions and expertise of the group.

Ample Networking Time

Multiple gaps between presentations and meals allow plenty of networking time, enabling attendees to follow up with speakers or friends. We regularly see people doing quick, impromptu tear-downs of websites or cracking open laptops so one attendee can help another troubleshoot a tracking pixel.

Organized Group Meals

Lunch is provided each day on-site so attendees can maximize their time together. We organize no-host dinners to ensure every attendee has a chance to eat with a group of like-minded business owners. There are no cliques here. Everyone is anxious to meet each other as the caliber of attendee is so consistently high.

Sept. 23rd – Sept. 26th, 2021

Be One of the 125 Invited Attendees

You’re invited to join us for 3+ days of learning and networking with Entrepreneurs who own 6- to 9-figure businesses, and for buyers, sellers, and investors of those businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guarantee, cancellation and money back policy?

If you participate and aren’t satisfied with your experience, we will refund your ticket price. If you cancel before attending, you will have the option to transfer your ticket to another approved prospective member or a future event.

Will there be a remote/virtual option?

There will be an option to join the 1-year Rhodium Remote membership which will include recordings of the 2021 in-person event and Zoom networking opportunities in 2020-21. Membership opens after the in-person ticket sales end.

Who are the speakers and what are the topics?

That’s up to you. As always, the core themes of the event are building, acquiring, monetizing, scaling, and exiting portfolios of online businesses. Speakers and topics are selected from registered attendees through a voting process. The exact agenda including speakers and exact speaking topics are announced at different times approaching the event. The earlier you register, the more the event will be shaped to your needs!

Can I have a discount?

Sorry, we don’t do discounts. However, you can apply below to be a volunteer and get a comped ticket.

Will I have to sit through a bunch of pitches?

We don’t allow speakers to pitch from stage. The Rhodium team may share an invitation to join the mastermind or sign up for future events. This is opt-in, with your permission requested first and we will not force you to sit through anything.

Can I bring my business partner or significant other?

To be a part of the community and attend the core sessions, every attendee, including business partners must go through the same vetting process and purchase their own tickets. If you’d like to bring a guest to non-hosted meals or activities outside of the core sessions, you are welcome to do so as long as you let us know ahead of time and pay any costs for your guest.

2021 COVID Mitigation Plan

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy Rhodium Weekend for all attendees. We are taking measures to actively mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19, including variants, and kindly request that you diligently follow the recommendations put in place. In addition to local and state directives, we will be implementing certain CDC recommendations and will strive to provide tools for attendees to actively monitor their health and safety during the course of the weekend. Rhodium Weekend COVID-19 mitigation plan is subject to change with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines and recommendations.

The following safety measures, among others, will be implemented at Rhodium Weekend:

  • Testing: Upon arrival at Rhodium Weekend, attendees will be strongly encouraged to take a rapid COVID test. The tests will be provided to attendees.
  • Vaccination: Attendees are highly encouraged to be fully vaccinated before attending Rhodium Weekend. If government guidelines or conditions change, there is a possibility we may need to require proof of vaccination so plan accordingly.
  • Masks: Unvaccinated attendees must wear a mask, regardless of local or state guidelines in place at the time of Rhodium Weekend. Face masks for all attendees may be required in accordance with current Nevada directives.
  • Hygiene: Sanitizers will be provided at Rhodium Weekend, and attendees are highly encouraged to utilize them at every opportunity, in addition to observing healthy hygienic practices.
  • CDC Guidelines: CDC Guidelines will be conspicuously posted and attendees are encouraged and expected to thoroughly review and follow the recommendations.
  • Exposure: Attendees experiencing any symptoms, or who may have come into contact with infected individuals, are required to avoid Rhodium Weekend events.

Attendees will be required to acknowledge they understand the risk and sign a liability waiver before attending. Attendees with questions or concerns about the COVID-19 mitigation plan are encouraged to contact Chris.

Ticket Options: What’s Included?


For Those With a Product/Service Targeted to Attendees
  • If there is potential for Rhodium attendees to become your client, please choose this option.
  • Everything in the Standard Pass Plus…
  • Your Business Featured as a Sponsor
  • Host a Sponsored Roundtable Session
  • Attendees can Schedule One-on-one Meetings With You


Work the Event In Exchange for a Free Ticket
  • Free ticket to the event
  • Listen in on all sessions
  • Meals included (you’ll pay your own flight + hotel)

Select Tickets

Tickets are first-come, first-served. Unfortunately we can’t reserve spots.

3+ Day Standard Pass

$1799 – 16 of 100 Available

Sponsor Pass

$2999 – 2 of 10 Available

Volunteer or Scholarship Pass

$0 1 of 7 Available

Contact Chris for instructions on how to apply.

*Ticket counts last updated 8/31/21.

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