This is episode 32. Today we are once again joined by Robert from Clarity Wave for part two of a twelve part series following him and his experience in scaling up his SaaS company. Robert is setting out to make Clarity Wave the new standard for workplace climate management software and as we follow his experience through 2016, we will be looking at the lessons he learns and what mistakes future startups can avoid.

In today’s interview with Robert, we cover:

  • How to hire an outsourced sales organization to sell your product or service.
  • Enterprise sales strategies and how Robert is selling to large organizations.
  • Strategies for making onboarding of new clients painless.
  • Why Robert got a $100k bill from his developers and how he’s going to pay for it.

In case you missed part one of Robert’s story, you’ll definitely want to check it out before this one. We go into the origin story of how Robert started his SaaS business from scratch and why he’s hoping to quit his corporate job this year.

Listen Now: