This is episode 53.  Today we are joined by Matthew Yahes, who this year acquired a 7 figure ecommerce portfolio in the gift baskets and wedding favors niches.

This is the last episode in our series with Matthew, so today’s interview is an epic unpacking of a story you don’t often hear:

What happens in those 12 months after you purchase a business?

What kind of challenges should you expect?

Is it worth it to buy rather than build your own?

Matthew shares with us a number of big mistakes he made this year, and has some surprising advice for people who are looking to acquire their own online business for the first time.


Matthew walks us through his major milestones and lessons, including:

  • Matthew’s insights on the huge learning curve the first 3 months after acquisition
  • The best time to implement changes in a business you purchased
  • The issues he wished he’d changed sooner
  • What to do to make sure employees in a business you acquire don’t get bitter at new management
  • And why, despite slower growth than anticipated, he’s still confident the business can double or triple next year

Make sure to stick around through the whole episode for all this and more.

Listen Now:

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