The Rhodium Retreat

May 14-19th* 2022 San Antonio, TX

Five Days. Big Growth. Lots of Fun.

Join the members of Rhodium Remote at the beautiful AAA® Four Diamond La Cantera Resort & Spa for 5 days focused on one thing…helping each other get to the next level of our businesses (and having some fun along the way).

2022 San Antonio, TX

2021 Cabo

2019 Puerto Vallarta

2018 Myrtle Beach

2017 San Diego

2016 Orlando

A Next Level Catalyst

Significant business growth inflection points don’t happen by sitting alone at your same desk, checking off the same to-do list.

Often they come from doing something different…by stepping away for a fresh perspective and working ON your business instead of IN it.

At this retreat, you can step out of your comfort zone, become more aware of your blind spots and push through them with help from a supportive group who has an unbiased outside perspective.

The retreat offered a private environment amongst a group of trusted entrepreneurs where I was able to be very candid about the challenges that face our businesses on a daily basis. Due to the connections and experiences at Rhodium Retreats, we’ve acquired a business doing over $15m gross per year, and have tripled net profit YoY over the last 3 months.
Mike Nunez


Give and Get Results

Real, actionable, in-practice, behind-the-scenes tactics that are working right now.

You’ll get to sit next to other doers and not only show each other exactly what strategies we’re using now, how we use them in our business, but also get to show each other how we’d implement those strategies in each other’s businesses…or even implement them on the spot.

This kind of sharing will allow you to gain new insight, inspiration, skills or tools that will have a meaningful impact on how you do your job, how you live your life and how successful your business is. It’s the kind of stuff you won’t get if you wake up tomorrow and do the same things you always do.

This might sound like a small thing, but at my last Rhodium Founders retreat someone showed me a conversion tracking hack and I’ve been using it like a fiend ever since to do better conversion rate optimization and increase click-through rates by 30%.
Jeff Hunt

Author, The Website Investor

Create “Best Friends”

It’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.

There are multiple members in Rhodium Remote who love geeking out about business…but have you had a chance to really get to know each of them?

The Retreat is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. And more importantly, they will know more about you and your business.

After the Retreat, the feedback you’ll get from the group will be much more targeted. They will know your unique constraints, goals, challenges, and opportunities. In other words, they have full context with which to share relevant guidance and experience.

At each retreat I’ve been able to extend my relationship with the people in this community and that’s lead to dramatically deeper conversations and partnerships and success. I’ve sold businesses that came directly from conversations at the retreat and gotten a helping hand from people I had the chance to help as well.
Jason Glaspey


Facilitated Mastermind

A Perfect Mix of Structured and Unstructured Time

The Retreat agenda has been designed like the framework of a house which each member builds upon. We have structured time where everyone comes together as a group to share knowledge and solve problems.

Plus there’s ample unstructured time where more one-on-one or small group conversations can happen…plus some interactive fun for the extroverts and some alone time for the introverts.

The Agenda

  • Saturday, May 14, 2022 (Bonus Day For Founders Cohort)
    • ? – 7:00 PM: Founders cohort arrival day (NOTE: most Rhodium Remote members are not Founders cohort so should join the Sunday kick-off reception)
    • 7:00 PM: Founders cohort only dinner. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
  • Sunday, May 15, 2022
    • ? – 6:30 PM: Arrivals of all Rhodium Remote members. Optional unstructured time.
    • 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM: Sessions/activities for Founders cohort only.
    • 6:30 – 8:00 PM: Optional group dinners at resort restaurants. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 8:00 – 10:00 PM: Kick off reception. Opening check-ins and voting on session proposals. First drink and desserts included in event ticket.
  • Monday, May 16, 2022
    • 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Optional Group breakfast. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 10:00 – Noon: Morning structured sessions.
    • Noon – 1:00 PM: Group lunch. Meal included in event ticket.
    • 1:00 – 5:00 PM: Afternoon unstructured time.
    • 5:00 – 6:30 PM: Afternoon structured sessions.
    • 6:30 – 8:00 PM: Group dinners. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 8:00- 11:00 PM: Evening unstructured time.
  • Tuesday, May 17, 2022
    • Optional Excursion: Go for a fun group off-site excursion. Excursion not included in event ticket.
    • Possible excursions include hiking, golf, skeet shooting, driving to Austin to explore and eat BBQ, watching live music, and more!
  • Wednesday, May 18, 2022
    • 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Optional Group breakfast. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 10:00 – Noon: Morning structured sessions.
    • Noon – 1:00 PM: Group lunch. Meal included in event ticket.
    • 1:00 – 5:00 PM: Afternoon unstructured time.
    • 5:00 – 6:30 PM: Afternoon structured sessions.
    • 6:30 – 8:00 PM: Group dinners. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 8:00- 11:00 PM: Evening unstructured time.
  • Thursday, May 19, 2022
    • 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Optional closing breakfast. Meal cost not included in event ticket.
    • 10:00AM – ?: Departures and optional unstructured time.

Create Your Adventure

Get and Give Help On Your Specific Challenges and Experience

Each member is expected to come to the retreat with at least one “Give” topic and at least one “Get” topic. On the opening night, the group will vote and select which topics will be part of the structured sessions. Remaining topics will be focused on during unstructured time.

At the retreat we were discussing our strategy with one of the members and he offered to do a tear down of our website. As soon as the rest of the group heard, they all came along to help with this activity even though it was 11pm after a very long day. From the tear down we made important changes that have yielded new leads to our business.
Robert M.


Structured Sessions

Sample Structured Sessions The Group Can Choose From

Hot Seat
One person gets feedback from the full group on a burning issue.

How You Get: Get the full group’s experience share on your specific issue. Listen in on other’s hot seats and get ideas you can implement in your business.

How You Give: Directly solve other member’s business problems. Help others avoid mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Tactical Presentation
One member presents their “best tactic” for 15 minutes then answers the group’s questions.

How You Can Get: Learn new tactics you can apply to your business. Find out how others are using tactics in ways you’re not and improve your processes.

How You Can Give: Prepare a presentation around something that’s worked well in your business and which others can implement.

Roundtable Discussion
Choose a focused topic for the full group to discuss and share how each person “works” in relation to the topic.

How You Can Get: Find out how different people are solving the same problem. Identify tools and resources the group is using in relation to the topic.

How You Can Give: Identify and propose a topic which is relevant for the full group. Bring your ideas to the table to spark a vibrant discussion.

Website Tear Downs
Put your website up on a projector and let the group recommend improvements.

How You Can Get: Get a specific punch list of ways to improve traffic and conversions on your website. Take recommended improvements and apply them to any site.

How You Can Give: Use your experience to make specific recommendations on how to improve a member’s website.

10X Session
Present your business to the group and let everyone strategize how they would grow it by 10X or more.

How You Can Get: Get past your constraints and identify big growth opportunities which may be outside your comfort zone. Listen in and find out how other members “think big”.

How You Can Give: Identify where members might be limiting themselves and open up their mind to new possibilities.

Implementation Session
Watch over one member’s shoulder as they implement a tactic and implement in your business at the same time.

How You Can Get: Implement improvements to your business in real time with the support of other members and someone with experience. Get past “I don’t know how to do this” on things you’ve been wanting to implement.

How You Can Give: Show how and help people implement something you’ve done multiple times and follow up to hear what results they get.

Get Away.
Be Pampered.

Introducing the AAA® Four Diamond, Conde Naste Readers Choice Award Winning La Cantera Resort & Spa San Antonio Hill Country.

“One of the premier luxury resorts in San Antonio, La Cantera reimagines its ranch roots through 496 rooms, 34 boutique-style Villas, and an exclusive adults-only floor, SEVEN. Overlooking 550 acres of The Texas Hill Country, La Cantera has become one of the most sought after San Antonio resorts” – La Cantera

  • Where: 20 minutes to downtown San Antonio and San Antonio Airport and 80 minutes from Austin airport.
  • Optional Room Block: we were able to negotiate a lower room rate + reduced resort fee if you book in our room block. Conditions apply.
  • A beautiful indoor/outdoor private meeting space for us
  • On-site dining: Multiple restaurants and lounges.
  • 5 Pools with waterslides
  • 17,000-square-foot spa and a fitness club
  • Multiple tennis/pickleball courts, basketball courts, hiking trails, etc.
  • 18 Hole Golf Course which is a PGA stop
  • Kids Club + arcade/game room (for those who can’t find other childcare)
  • Off-site shopping (150 stores) and dining (30+ restaurants) at 2 shopping centers within a 1-mile Uber or (included) hotel shuttle ride
  • Nearby activites include The Rustic concert venue, Andretti’s Indoor Karting, iFly Indoor Skydiving, Top Golf, Six Flags, Seaworld, wine tours, and more

Lock in Your Spot

Room Block Deadline: Register by 6:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 to be Guaranteed a Spot in The Room Block. Conditions Apply.

The Rhodium Retreat is where I got the advice to restructure my business and triple my income.
Neal McSpadden

Partner, Global Tax Services, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be attending?

All Rhodium Remote and Founders members are invited. For a complete list of everyone who is attending, please check the #retreat2022 Slack Channel.

When is everyone else getting in and leaving?

As the event gets closers, we’ll create a spreadsheet for travel plans of each person coming.

How will we communicate before and during the event?

In the #retreat2022 Slack Channel or text Chris at 1-406-360-0486.

Can I share a room?

You’re welcome to ask around to other members for room sharing.

Can I bring a guest?

If your guest is a “significant other”, they are welcome to come. Keep in mind, they should expect you will be very busy during the structured portions of the day. If there’s interest, we will build a separate itinerary for guests. If you would like your guest to participate in the structured portions of the event (such as a business partner), the group will need to vote on this. Contact Chris for further instructions.

What if I want to stay extra days?

That’s great and I encourage you to coordinate with others staying extra days.

Can I propose a different structured session?
Absolutely! If you have a session format idea which doesn’t fit in any of the current buckets, you can propose the structure to the group before the event.