Episode 025 solo show with Chris Yates. Big announcement about the future of the Rhodium Podcast plus highlights and takeaways from the live Rhodium Weekend 2015 event. Don’t miss this one and please share!

In this episode:

  • Find out exactly what went down behind the scenes at Rhodium Weekend 2015.
  • Hear recorded clips from all the talks at the event.
  • Learn what Chris’ biggest takeaways from the event were and where he sees things going in the industry.
  • Listen all the way to the end to find out the big announcement related to the Rhodium Podcast. Hint…you can actually be part of the show!

Listen Now:

Mentioned In this Show

Rhodium Weekend Speakers With Talk Highlights In This Episode

  • David Gass
  • Chris Yates
  • Rob Walling
  • David Newell
  • Ross Barefoot
  • Scott Fritz
  • Matthew Paulson
  • Steve Fabry
  • Rob Scott
  • Kae Kohl
  • Chuck Mullins
  • Jason Glaspey
  • Dave Nevogt
  • Jared Brown
  • Kevin Petersen
  • Andrew Pincock
  • Dave Parkinson
  • Mark Daoust
  • Justin Gilchrist
  • Joseph Carroll