Welcome to episode 13 of the Rhodium Podcast. I’m your host Chris Yates, and today we’re talking to Alan Kong. Alan currently runs Lead The Ranks, a content marketing agency that positions brands for authority. He’s successfully founded and sold two online businesses which had over 2,000 clients in over 14 countries.

In this episode:

  • How Alan got scammed 3 times buying websites and how he regrouped to start from scratch ultimately selling the online businesses he founded not once but twice.
  • We’ll dive into how Alan found his first customers, even selling his Google penalty recovery service before he could fulfill.
  • Make sure to stick around to the end to hear Alan’s amazing story of the gift he gave his parents with part of the six figures he earned from his last business sale and how you can help Alan achieve his goal of personally helping 1,000 entrepreneurs achieve greatness before he turns 30.

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