This is episode 43.

Today we are joined by Sean Ogle, who has built an online business by being a sort of online mentor and pioneer in the lifestyle design movement.

He currently runs an online course called Location Rebel, where he teaches others to build businesses that support lives that lead to their greatest happiness…just as he has done for himself.

In this episode, Sean talked to me about the one key focus he’s had that’s taken him from being completely miserable, stuck in a job he hated that got worse by the day, to selling out his first course in 48 minutes while travelling the world.  


  • Sean’s insight that’s lead to greater affiliate sales with a smaller list, as well as the amazing success of his first course
  • How to get started in business from a place of security rather than panic
  • And the one filter question Sean asks everyone who comes to him for help – and most of them can’t answer

Listen Now:

Next Steps

If today’s episode really resonates with you, you’re probably someone who’s looking for the freedom that an online business offers.

Sean paints a great picture today of building a bridge business to transition into owning an online business, but it does mean committing a certain number of additional hours of work per week.

A faster path with low risk for you might be buying an already established online business.

If you want to learn more, you won’t find a better resource than the Rhodium Weekend event – a learning and networking intensive that was specifically created for everyone interested in buying and selling online businesses, from beginners to seasoned pros.

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