This is episode 49.  Today we are joined by Matthew Yahes, who recently acquired a 7 figure ecommerce portfolio in the gift baskets and wedding favors niches.

Last time, Matthew talked about increasing revenue with one key strategy – cart recovery.  That boost has allowed him to start testing a lot of other aspects of his business – from his mobile checkout process to opt-in coupons that build his email list.

As you’ll hear, though, he’s run into a number of snags that have caused him to take a smarter approach to changes on his sites.


In today’s interview with Matthew, we’ll also cover:

  • The simple mistake that dropped conversion by 50%
  • How he found an e-commerce expert and sold him on joining as a partner
  • How to manage both parties’ risks in a partnership (including how they decided between salaries and equity splits)
  • And evaluating whether to 10x or 2x his business

Make sure to stick around through the whole episode for all this and more, as Matthew establishes his revenue goals for the end of the year and into mid-2017.

Listen Now:

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