This is episode 41. The first month or two right after buying a business is a time of intense transition, and it’s not something we’ve covered at this level of detail before.

This interview with Matthew Yahes was recorded just 2 months after he acquired a 7 figure E-commerce portfolio. Today, we’re getting a rare glimpse into the time that gets glossed over in success stories and buried in tales of failure.


  • How to prioritize when you’re suddenly surrounded by countless crucial tasks you didn’t anticipate
  • Matthew’s take on Pay-per-performance and what ACTUALLY leads to better work from his contractors
  • The one key metric that Matthew uses to evaluate performance across the board
  • Four focus areas that will create massive growth in his drop shipping business

Make sure to stick around through the whole episode, as you get to hear not only how Matthew figured out his 4 focus areas, but also how he bought a business that would specifically allow him to focus in those areas.

Listen Now:

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