Episode 015 of the Rhodium podcast features an interview with Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown, founders of Hubstaff. Hubstaff is a software tool actively used by over 8,000 agencies, freelancers, website owners and virtual teams all over the world. It tracks when your team members work, shows you what they are working on, and how effectively they are doing their work.

These two focus on two different aspects of their business. Dave specializes in employee productivity and the marketing side of online businesses and has experience managing over 100 virtual  team members at the same time. Jared handles more on the tech and product development side of the business and is one of those guys who successfully blends his love for technology with business.

In this episode:

  • How to hire and manage a virtual team.
  • How Dave completely eliminated the need for meetings or micromanaging his virtual staff.
  • Why Jared only plans one week ahead to maximize his team’s focus and agility.
  • How to stop outsourcing and start building an awesome long term distributed team and more.

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