This episode is really going to be about mastering your mindset as a business owner. If you’ve been struggling to reach the next level in your business, whether that’s earning enough to quit your job or hitting $1M, $10M, or $100M in revenue for the first time, the key to breaking through in your business, could very well be having a breakthrough in your mindset. That’s where Rob Scott comes in. Rob is a business coach who has worked with successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and even rock stars as you’ll hear about in the show.

In this episode:

  • What your limiting beliefs, hidden fears, and the invisible ceilings you place on yourself have in common.
  • Why willpower usually fails and what to do about it.
  • Why our brains are wired to make decisions based on comfort rather than growth and change.
  • 3 steps to erasing your limiting beliefs.
  • How Rob overcame his paralyzing fear of public speaking.

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